About LHP



Welcome to LHP – Lani Harmon Photography.

I’m a natural-light photographer in Erie, PA.

I work in a variety of ways, from family photos, high school seniors, personal projects, and many other types of photography.

My specialty is working one-on-one with women, which means I most often hear these things:

“I hate to be photographed.”
“Oh, thanks but no. I hate photos of myself.”
“Maybe after I lose some weight.”
“Ha. You’ll have your work cut out for you, making this look good.”

I call bullshit.

Women hate photos of themselves because of magazines, and the media and a whole messed up idea of what being a woman is.
And, because the camera can be cruel, particularly in the hands of someone careless.

Well. I care.
I care about creating images of you that you love.
Not just like.