More about Lani

Lani 2014-40  My Passion is helping women – helping women craft a life they don’t need a vacation from. When it comes to blending work, life, and love balance, there is no greater goal than to absolutely love each piece. Through helping women see themselves and whole, beautiful, and powerful through photography, and through online classes and one-on-one coaching, I’ve created unique experiences for women ready to challenge the status quo, build their own toolbox for happiness, and use those tools to craft the life that shines in a way that they never need an escape plan.

From Happiness Tools to the 90 minute mapping session, each offer helps you find stress points and positive, realistic work-arounds and strategies to change them from stress points to times where you feel completely in control and in the flow.

Based on my own experiences, research, and dedication to making the most of my own trip around the sun, my techniques are developed specifically to help busy women find ways to make each moment worth living, and to craft a life they don’t need a vacation from. Visit my website to learn more about living Life with No Chaser.